ARTICLE: Recovering Beautifully After Surgery

ARTICLE: Recovering Beautifully After Surgery

Traditionally there has always been a lot of emphasis placed on surgical technique and mastery in order to improve the cosmetic outcome of procedures – from reconstruction scars, through to cosmetic surgery. However, an often neglected component that is as important as good technique, is quality post-operative wound care, and specifically the use of specialized recovery skincare products /regimes that optimize the skin and body for faster healing while minimizing scarring.

Today, a large number of products are available that claim to improve scars, from silicone based products and tissue oils, through plant and animal extracts as well as artificially engineered substances, yet the science behind the claims are often lacking. Wound healing is a highly complex physiological process, and although we are only beginning to understand the complexity thereof, it involves three main overlapping phases, namely inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. The entire process is regulated by a wide variety of cell growth factors and cytokines. As our understanding of the process improved, a lot of research was undertaken to understand the importance of the various individual components, including the role of growth factors in optimizing wound healing.

The synergistic interaction of a multitude of growth factors with other proteins in the epidermis and dermis resulting in skin repair and regeneration. No single growth factor is solely responsible for this process. It is therefore evident that there is a role for postintervention skincare that can speed up the biological skin recovery and rejuvenation, by delivering these growth factors at the right place and at the right time. 

The Essel Aesthet Recovery serum is indicated for use three to four times a day after invasive cosmetic procedures or as part of a post-operative wound-care regime. The Recovery serum has been introduced as part of standard postoperative wound-care in my Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery practice. It has proven to be effective, well tolerated with no side effects/sensitivity to date, and the attractive packaging fits in well with the high aesthetic demands of the cosmetic

patient. Patient satisfaction has been high to very high, with the majority of my patients now using it as their treatment of choice above my traditional tape and silicone gel protocol.